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Name:Dr. Henry J. Pym
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
It is during his postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University that a young Dr. Henry Pym first stumbles upon a set of rare, subatomic particles that will later become known as ‘Pym particles’. Although self-educated in particle physics, Henry begins work on creating a serum to facilitate the application of the particles – one that he believes can change the size of any object it comes into contact with. Frustrated with the ridicule met from his peers regarding his project, Henry decides to put his theory to the ultimate test and uses the serum on a live, human subject: himself.

The serum, however, is more effective than anticipated, shrinking the man down to little more than a quarter of an inch in size and leaving him to defend himself against common household pests before stumbling upon an anthill, where he is saved by a worker ant. The rest is history.

While much of his origin is borrowed from the comics (Tales to Astonish, Avengers, et al.), Henry's history has been streamlined and condensed to fit within the official MCU timeline prior to Loki's attack on New York in 2012's The Avengers. That being said: I am not Hank Pym, I am not Mr. Anders, and this is a role-playing journal. All involved are of legal age.
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